At Courtship Flooring, we provide quality sports hall refurbishment and installation services. It’s important to understand when your sports hall flooring requires refurbishment. Keep reading to find out when and why sports hall flooring should be professionally refurbished.

How do you know when sports hall flooring needs refurbishment?

There are a few signs you can keep an eye out for that could indicate when your sports hall flooring is due for some maintenance. Read on to learn about these signs. 

The line-markings are fading

Line-markings fading is a clear indication that your sports hall flooring may require some refurbishment. Over time, consistent use will wear down the surface of the flooring, making line-markings less visible. Refurbishment should then take place to re-paint these line-markings so they are clear to the users of the sports hall.

People are slipping more often

A worn-out floor can become a safety hazard if not dealt with quickly. Each sports hall floor is installed with a specific friction level to match its use. If the floor becomes worn out, this friction level could change, resulting in a higher risk of injury for its users. The refurbishment will help to restore the floor’s original friction level, making it suitable for use once again. 

There are visible cracks in the surface of the floor

It may seem obvious, but any damage to the floor could mean it’s time for some maintenance. Cracks can appear on some floor types such as tennis courts. Refurbishment could range from patching up the cracks to a full replacement, depending on the severity of the damage. It’s important to respond to damage quickly to avoid additional problems and the need for costly repairs. 

Why is it important to keep your sports hall flooring maintained?

Over time, your sports hall flooring will become worn and potentially damaged. For safety and performance reasons, you should always keep your sports hall flooring maintained. As previously mentioned, line markings fading are a clear sign of wear and tear. When the line markings aren’t clear, it makes it more difficult for players to efficiently play the game. As well as this, sporting regulations may deem the sports hall unsuitable for official sporting events. This could also be the case if your line markings are out of date, whether they’re clear or not. At Courtship Flooring, we can make sure that your line markings are clear, as well as adhering to current sporting regulations. 

As well as performance, the safety of your sports hall is something to consider. A worn-down floor may not have the correct friction level, which can be especially troublesome for sports with rapid foot movement. Slipping will not only reduce the efficiency of the game but can result in serious injury. If you don’t keep your sports hall floor maintained you could be liable for injuries caused by this. This is why it’s incredibly important to keep the floor intact. 

We suggest having a regular cleaning routine to make sure your floor lasts as long as possible. This cleaning routine should use the correct procedures, equipment and products. Regular cleaning will remove any dirt and debris that could negatively impact the surface of the floor. 

How can sports hall flooring be refurbished?

The refurbishment method used will depend on the type of sports hall floor you have. Here at Courtship Flooring, we can provide quality sports hall refurbishment and installation services to keep your floor at its best.

Wooden Sports Flooring

Wooden flooring can be refurbished through a method called floor sanding. This strips back the surface of the wood to produce a completely new floor. All imperfections and damages will be removed from the wood, ready to be re-lined and lacquered. 

Vinyl Sports Flooring

Unlike wooden flooring, vinyl flooring cannot be sanded down to remove imperfections. We can, however, overcoat the vinyl with a new coating, still producing a completely new surface. You can choose a different colour vinyl and new line markings, this process is customisable.

Lino Sports Flooring

Although very durable, linoleum sports flooring can’t be refurbished to create a completely new surface. To improve the cosmetic look and traction, we can deep clean, abrade, re-line and lacquer the floor. This may not be as effective as with vinyl and wooden flooring, but it is a great option if you have lino flooring. 

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