For this contract, the team travelled south to Ottery St Mary located just outside of Exeter. This client has used our services faithfully throughout the years and the team have refurbished a number of floors at the centre including the dance studio, squash court and the Sports hall floor. The client has a maintenance contract so the team return to perform maintenance on the floors to ensure the floors are kept in top condition.

The size of the sports hall was 600sqm of Granwood block flooring which had quite a few games court line markings. As there were so many court line markings, it’s so important to ensure the lacquer is topped up to protect all these lines.
The specification of this contract was to perform a classic maintenance contract on the sports flooring. This involves sanding the floor to remove all the scratches and imperfections in the lacquer. The floor then received a deep clean to neutralise all the fats and greases that have contaminated the surface. Finally, two coats of sports lacquer to the flooring to ensure traction is restored so that sports can be played safely again.
When the team arrived, the condition of the floor was worn and patchy due to high foot traffic. The lacquer had been worn away from years of sports being played on the flooring and had become a little slippery and the cosmetic appearance of the floor was dull. The flooring was also very scratched and was covered in black rubber trainer marks.
The condition of the floor after we had performed a maintenance process was a sports floor that was completely clean, with a uniform finish and traction restored to the flooring.