Sports centre and Leisure centre flooring company


As a sports centre flooring company our industry/ clients has and always will be in the sports centre’s and schools. Sports centres and schools have specific needs of a company that other sectors don’t. Courtship flooring for over 30 years has been working throughout the south west, midlands and London. Primarily in schools and sports/leisure centre’s. The usual facilities in such places that we look after are sports hall floors, dance studio’s, gym flooring, gymnasium flooring and squash courts.

As sports centre flooring contractors, We install, refurbish and maintain all these types of Sports flooring. We know the needs of such facilities when employing contractors like ourselves. We provide method statements, appropriate insurances in place. We are all safe certified contractors, we know how important it is to stick to allotted time with bookings always round the corner. Our materials are all VOC approved and We are approved contractors of every sports manufacturer in the industry.

Being a school flooring contractor we need to be extra diligent in our approach and way we undertake the flooring contracts. As with Sports centre/ leisure centre projects you need all the qualifications and insurances. With schools however you need extra safe working environments. hazard cones, zoned off working areas and high visibility jackets.

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