Restoring Granwood sports hall flooring

When your Granwood sports hall flooring has its day, there are three options to get your sports hall back into a new condition. Once Granwood flooring begins to deteriorate, the lacquer fades, the court markings look worn and the flooring loses all traction. Unlike a traditional timber sports floor, Granwood cannot be sanded back to reveal new flooring underneath.

The options for Granwood

  • Full restoration project
  • New installation project
  • Epoxy solution

What is Epoxy?

We are one of few companies that offer an Epoxy solution for a Granwood sports floor.

The process involves filling in any imperfections in the flooring using a self-levelling screed. The flooring is then covered in two layers of Epoxy paint which can be mixed to the colour of your choosing. This results in a whole new playing surface from the resin covering the floor.

Once the floor has had time to cure, the court markings can finally be applied and the sports accredited lacquer is added to suit your sporting needs.

The process is a fantastic alternative that will transform a tired old Granwood sports hall floor. The advantages include;

  •  Incredibly hard wearing
  • No VOC’s from the coatings
  • Can be applied in any colour

The Restoration Process: