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Sports Hall Floor Installation is a different concept altogether from your average flooring installation. As a sports flooring company, any floor we install has to meet certain levels of area elasticity and point elasticity, not to mention bounce rate and traction levels to be considered sports flooring. There is a large variety of sports flooring options available in the market that we can offer advice on them all. Each having their own advantages. We are approved by every sports flooring supplier in the market and have close working relationships with all of them after being established for 30 years.

We can offer a Total specification for any flooring project from design through to supply installation. When choosing a sub floor system you should consider your building and requirements that may have. when choosing top surface you consider what sports/ activities are being played. 

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We are able to offer our own sports flooring systems and top surfaces to meet the needs of any facility;

Qualities of a indoor sports hall floor

Sports hall flooring must comply with certain standards in order to lay sport safely but also to allow high performance .



Correct friction is important when ball players move rapidly on the floor, and the ideal friction rating is between 80 and 110. A friction value less than 80 makes the floor too smooth, and above 110 makes the floor too rough.


Rolling load

The floor’s ability to withstand rolling loads is important for example where trolleys and retractable seating are used. Test results display whether the floor can withstand a rolling load of 1,500 N (approx. 150 kgs).


Vertical deformation

The floor’s ability to absorb shock depends on its ability to flex when exposed to a dynamic load. Test results display the floor’s vertical deformation in mm when exposed to a dynamic impact equivalent to that of light jogging.


Shock absorption

A shock absorbing floor minimises the risk of injuries. Testing measures the percentage of impact energy absorbed by the floor when landing a jump.


Ball bounce

A good ball bounce increases the ball control and the speed of the game. Test results display the rebound achieved by the floor as a percentage of the rebound measured on a concrete floor.



Our Sports Hall Floor systems

Sports hall floors have many different requirements. This could be sport specific, load bearing, low build height or underfloor heating. We have a system for all, samples and design available. 

Coming in a range of finishes; 

  • wood. solid/ engineered
  • vinyl
  • linoleum 
  • rubber 



Top surface finishes 

Our core surfaces 

Installation, Refurbishment, Maintance, Line Marking, Repairs, Cleaning and Recoating of Sports Laquer for Basketball, Badminton and Sporting Arena Floorings in Bristol, Somerset and UK Nationwide

Sports hall flooring is a specialised service, Whether your Sports Hall needs a new sprung floor, refurbishment of an older existing floor and/or maintenance to keep it looking fresh and traction levels safe then we are your company.

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We offer full package in house, from initial contact to arranging a visit & preparing a quote specific to you and your Sport Hall Floors needs. Call us today on 07775 591405 or send a message online.

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