Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment

Sports Hall Floor refurbishment is the other main service we offer as a sports flooring Company. This is absolutely essential for most universities, schools and leisure centres. Over the years of constant use, the flooring has to be refurbished for safety and performance purposes. Sometimes budgets are not available for total renewal to a Sports Flooring refurbishment option is available.
It is entirely likely that a new sports floor will become worn and damaged over time and will require refurbishment to meet sporting regulations. This includes stripping the top layers of the Sports floor using specialist sanding machinery. This removes all scratches and imperfections that is caused by heavy use. The team then apply sports accredited lacquer, to increase the durability of the floor. Games lines are then installed to meet any specification. 

The entire Sports Hall Floor refurbishment can be completed in a shorter time period than a full installation and as long as the sports floor is maintained on a regular basis, it should stay looking new for many years.

Both ourselves and the manufacturers recommend that given average usage, a sporting or activity floor should require a deep cleaning service between every eighteen months to two years after refurbishment.

All types of Sports hall flooring can be Refurbished 

Wooden sports Flooring

The main advantage to having a wooden sports hall floor is after an amount of time when refurbishment is necessary. We can completely sand back the timber and produce a bran new sports hall floor. Junckers are market leaders in wooden sports halls. we have refurbished hundreds of these over the decades.

Sand back wooden flooring using industrial strength machines, close the grain of the wood, apply primer. install line markings then apply final coats of sports accredited lacquer.

Vinyl Sports flooring

Using coloured sports elastic lacquers, we can overcoat your vinyl sports hall and then line mark and apply a top coat. Available in any colour and finish. full customisation. 

lino Sports flooring

Lino sports flooring is a very durable product however we can deep clean, abrade, re line and lacquer a Lino sports hall. This will not produce a brand new look as with vinyl, timber and granwood but will greatly improve the cosmetic look and add more traction. 

Granwood Sports flooring

Along with Junckers, granwood sports halls are everywhere. making up. 20% of sporting areas. We can sand, re line mark and lacquer to restore to new or apply a modified PU coating to the Granwood Sports floor in any colour. Re-line marking and lacquering after.

Some examples….




Gym and Sports Flooring Core Services

Installation, Refurbishment, Maintance, Line Marking, Repairs, Cleaning and Recoating of Sports Laquer for Basketball, Badminton and Sporting Arena Floorings in Bristol, Somerset and UK Nationwide

Sports hall flooring is a specialised service, Whether your Sports Hall needs a new sprung floor, refurbishment of an older existing floor and/or maintenance to keep it looking fresh and traction levels safe then we are your company.

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