This project for courtship flooring was a brilliant sports hall floor refurbishment for PGL and their base in Normandy France. After working out logistics for our machinery and vans to get across, we headed on our journey.

When we arrived at the PGL camp and found the Sports hall, we found the flooring to need immediate attention. The flooring was so far gone that the dirt engrained in the wood actually looked like a stain. The games lines had completely faded and the flooring was a slip Hazzard.

We knew the transformation would be amazing, as we started the potential started to come through…

Size of the Sports hall floor refurbishment was 400sqm

material was oak flooring which is very unusual for a sports hall floor.

The primer coat was applied after a huge effort to restore the grain. We installed 6 sets of fencing courts and one 5 aside football court. This hall takes a huge amount of activity so we put down three coats of Sports accredited lacquer.

The transformation was incredible & we hope to work with PGL more in the near future.