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We are James and Alex, our parents founded a sporting hall refurbishment company back in the 1980’s. Their passion flowed down through both of us, and here we are, 4 decades later a living legacy of their expertise.

We feel very excited that you have visited this blog post, and we both understand when an investment commitment is essential with an old gymnasium; worn sports arena wooden sprung floor, or the game line markings and surface coating are flaking on basketball/badminton court flooring – you need to feel confident that your company is paying the right people the right price.

Sprung Wooden Flooring Somerset UK

Installation of Sports Hall Flooring

We install sports hall flooring using a range of products to your requirements and budget, these include wood, PU (polyurethane), Sport Vinyl and sport lino as gym floors, commercial floors and synthetic flooring systems.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with us call us on 07775 591405 or contact us now via the online form.

You will either speak to James or Ryan, we will hold your hands every step of the way. We are here to help advise with a learned knowledge of our niche industry.

We are also happy to be invited to tender bidding and private sports court projects.

Sports Hall Floor Protection

This giant carpet tile is designed for the ultimate protection for your sports hall floor.

It has a non-slip rubber matting on the base while the top layer is a cushioned, shock absorbent surface. Designed to protect sports halls floors during exams and events from dirt and scratching.

Sports Court Colours – Line Markings

Get in touch if your specific type of court is not listed, we would love to hear from you and where you are in the UK – We offer services throughout Great Britain and Europe!

Basketball – Black

Tennis – Yellow

Netball – Red

Volleyball – Green

Badminton – White

Cricket – Orange

Squash – RAL3020 or BS04E53 red and other colours

Racketball – Red

Fencing – White

Hockey DS -Blue

Five-A-Side – 5 a side Red or Orange

Lacross – Colour to be agreed

Korfball – Colour to be agreed

Sports Hall Flooring Services Bristol, Somerset, Devon & UK Nationwide

Let’s break this down so you can help us to help you. Which flooring do you have that needs a new life?

Wooden Sports Flooring

Wooden sports flooring is the premium of flooring options. While this type of sports flooring looks beautiful, it isn’t the most durable and is best suited to one type of sport. That said, it can be easily sanded back before being re-coated in a silk, matt or gloss sports lacquer.

Our Wooden sports flooring is available in 4 beautiful finishes; Ash, Beech, Maple and Oak and 3 different sports grades.

The Wooden sports flooring can be laid on a range of bases;

  • The Cradle System can solve problematic uneven surfaces as well as raising floor height. A great alternative to screed and laser levelled with every row that is is laid. 70-140mm build height
  • Standard Sports Batten is a quick solution for easy application and installation. It gives great area elasticity and a sprung sports hall floor. The subfloor must be pre-levelled with this base. The panels have varying levels of rubber padding which is varied 3/4/5 times over the length of the batten depending on subfloor and venue requirements. 71-83mm build height.
  • Pad and board is a low build option for spaces where a sprung build height can’t be accommodated. They’re backed with sports grade underlay and fixed with flexible adhesive to allow movements and expansion. Build height 30mm.
  • Duo Batten System is designed for use in venues with underfloor heating in place. The duo batten system is far more durable than the standard batten system but does take longer to install and requires a very even sub floor. Build height 75mm.
  • Sports performance is similar to the duo batten but has a double batten rather than a single counter batten, giving this system extra height. The counter batten can be swapped for tongue and groove plywood which is advisable if you have bleachers or seating in your venue. Although this system takes the most time to install, it provided excellent sports performance.

Junckers Sports Hall Flooring Bristol UK
Gerflor Sports Hall Flooring Bristol UK

Granwood Sports Hall Flooring Bristol UK

Gym Flooring Bristol, Devon, Somerset & UK Nationwide

A sprung wooden floor mostly used in sports spaces such as schools, colleges and leisure centres, gym flooring is the perfect solution for multi-use venues where a range of activities take place. While these sports spaces often housing things such as climbing frames and crash mats they are often used for sports such as basketball, netball and badminton so still require the durability of a sports hall floor. Typically gyms floors will be marked with standard basketball and badminton line marking but on a reduced scale.

Sports Hall Flooring Maintenace

When purchasing any sports hall flooring with us you receive, without obligation, a FREE post-refurbishment visit 3-4 months after the work is completed. This is beneficial for a number of reasons including checking that those responsible for daily cleaning of the flooring are closely following the directives of the manufacturers of the seals.

The post-refurbishment service has the added benefit of ensuring the correct cleaning materials are being used, in the correct concentrations and if required we can offer a FREE demonstration to those responsible for the cleaning.

Get in touch for FREE no-obligation advice call us on 07775 591405 or contact us online.

Sports Hall Line Markings England, Bristol, Devon, Somerset and UK

Sports hall line markings should always be installed with specialist high traffic line paints and should last between 5 and 7 years.

We can lay any combination of sports hall line markings to your exact requirements. The process varied greatly between individual projects due to venue specifics such as size and types of markings. It’s vital to ensure we have correct measurements for your markings so that your venue can guarantee to be able to host the events intended.

Before we start working on your line markings we gather preliminary confirmation of our client’s requirements before investigating and discussing any changes by the relevant governing bodies.

Sports Hall Line Marking Regulation Changes

If you require any sports hall line marking changes for example if regulations change we offer localised sanding to erase the incorrect markings before reapplying new markings and sealing with sport lacquer.

Private Indoor Court Flooring and Line Marking, Installations and floor Varnish

We can also provide bespoke line marking to include your logo and personalise your court. This is usually done in the centre of the court. If you have any specific requests get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Sports Vinyl Flooring Refurbishment

Sport vinyl flooring is hugely popular due to its durability and ease of maintenance. It comes in a vast range of colours and patterns and is ideal for table tennis, volleyball and tennis courts. Although vinyl flooring can’t be sanded like wooden flooring, it can be wet sanded and restored with special papers before being sealed with sport lacquer.

Sport Lino Flooring Restoration

Sport lino is an eco-friendly flooring option, being an organic based option. A cork based sheet flooring that is renewable. Although it doesn’t have the classic look of timber flooring or colour choice of Vinyl, it is incredibly durable and required very little maintenance. We can provide deep cleaning and re-marking of lines if looking a little tired before sealing with sport lacquer.

Sports Hall Flooring Bristol UK
Sports Hall Flooring UK Nationwide

Synthetic Floor Systems UK Bristol Somerset – Bespoke Line Marking

Our synthetic floor system range comes with a host of benefits, not least reduction in player fatigue and fewer sport related injuries. Suitable with underfloor heating, durable and easily maintained.

  • Linotop – international standard. 21mm thick. Multifunctional. Installed in half the time of traditional floors. Finished in sport linoleum. Level sub floor required.
  • System K – Ideal for venues required a synthetic surface finish. Elastic layer followed by silver birch plywood. Engineered joint to form a stable deck. Finished in sports linoleum. Smooth, level sub floor required.
  • Premier Plus – a very durable area elastic system. Capable of supporting fold-out seating systems. Used at the London 2012 Olympics. Finished in any chosen sports surface. Requires level subfloor.
  • System K-T – Similar to system K but finished with engineered timber boards and hardwood finish. Beech, Maple or  Oak factory finish.
  • 4Sport Xcel SBS – Utilises beam construction to enable installation over uneven floors. Can incorporate underfloor heating and insulation. Finished with linoleum or rubber.
  • 4Sport Performance SBT – Similar to above but with a timber board finish.