How do we do sports hall line markings?

For a typical refurbishment or installation, we often have to install sports hall line markings. There are the standard games court lines that we usually install, and they usually take around three days to measure, mask and paint. For all of our projects we use sports accredited paints, and on average we have to install seven different games lines to each project. These include;

  • Basketball court
  • Netball court
  • Volleyball court
  • Football court
  • Hockey court
  • Badminton court
  • Tennis court

Each of set of lines has their own specific dimensions and even though a sports hall is 600 square meters, it’s still hard to fit all these courts on to one sports hall floor. Another headache is trying to ensure that the line markings do not overlap one another! If you haven’t had your morning coffee, then it is best not to attempt installing sports hall line markings until you have. One mistake will mean a full sports hall sanding again for free!

Like the proverb, ‘measure twice, cut once’ …It’s SO important to measure everything out twice or even three times and install once.

One piece of advice we always give with regards to installing sports hall line markings is – do not buy cheap tape measures! You need to ensure dead accuracy on large scale projects. Also, another tip is to ensure you use an accurate laser pointer. This will again, help ensure that the accuracy is correct. We only use the best equipment when installing sports hall line markings as one wrong move can cost us another days work!

Installing sports hall line markings is, however, one of the most rewarding of all the jobs that we do. When a project comes together, it is very satisfying to look down at the sports hall refurbishment from above and think ‘wow, did I really just do that!’.