Many sports require sports hall markings to improve the efficiency of the game and adhere to certain sporting regulations. There are some things to keep in mind when installing sports hall markings, keep reading to learn more.

Which sports will need to be accommodated?

The first thing you’ll need to consider is how the sports hall will be being used. Which sports will be being played, and which will need markings? Markings can be painted for the following sports:

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Volleyball
  • Cricket
  • Korfball
  • Fencing
  • Hockey 
  • Five-a-side football
  • Badminton
  • Lacrosse

Many sports, such as tennis or basketball, require specific sports hall markings to adhere to sporting regulations. If professional sporting events will be being held in the sports hall, these lines will need to be kept up to date. 

Multiple sports can be accommodated as each sport will use a different colour for its markings. It is important to have these lines professionally installed, as the court will need to be measured accurately to ensure the lines are painted correctly. Incorrectly painted lines can affect your venue’s opportunity to hold sporting events, so they must be correct. 

What colour should sports hall markings be?

For the markings to be clear, and to separate each sport, each set of sports markings is painted in a different colour. Generally, each sport will have a specific colour that is commonly used across all sports halls for consistency. These colours are:

  • Black (basketball)
  • Yellow (tennis)
  • Red (netball)
  • Green (volleyball)
  • Orange (cricket)
  • White (fencing)
  • Blue (hockey)
  • Orange/red (five-a-side football)
  • White (badminton)
  • Colour to be agreed (korfball and lacrosse)

As you can see, some sports share a colour, these colours can be adjusted to ensure the clarity of each set of markings. Some sports, such as korfball and lacrosse, don’t have a specific colour – the colour of these markings can be decided on depending on the other colours used. 

It is unlikely that every sport will need markings on one sports hall floor, so it is possible to adjust the colours to suit the sports hall’s specific requirements. This is why it is important to communicate with your line markings installer to ensure that the court is painted correctly. The paints used by Courtship Flooring are top-quality, typically lasting between five and seven years before needing refurbishment.

Do you have any bespoke requests?

It is possible to install custom markings, such as sports or club logos, on the sports hall floor. This logo will typically be placed inside the centre circle unless you request a different placement. Here at Courtship Flooring, we will do our best to accommodate specific requests, such as varying line colours or other cosmetic requests. These requests can bring an individual element to your sports hall floor, advertising a company during sporting events, for example.

Are there existing sports hall markings that need to be replaced?

If your sports hall floor has existing markings, you should consider having these removed before having new markings painted. There are multiple reasons why you might consider having your sports hall markings repainted. You might need to update the markings due to changes in sporting regulations – we can check these regulations to ensure the markings are painted correctly, according to the governing bodies of sport and Sport England. The lines may have faded over time, or you may be having your sports hall flooring refurbished

During the refurbishment process, sports hall markings may be removed through sanding, meaning these lines will need to be repainted. A new sport may need to be accommodated, or you may want to include a sporting logo or other custom markings. Whatever the reason, Courtship Flooring can help. 

Once these markings have been painted, the floor can be sealed ready to be used for years to come. If you require sports hall markings installation, please get in touch with our team at Courtship Flooring by giving us a call on 01823 674562 or by visiting our contact page