Sports Hall Refurbishment this time for the courtship team was in pleckgate/ Blackburn. A little far away from our base in Somerset, but we travel nationwide for contracts on sports halls.

Size of this Sports hall floor refurbishment contract was 600sqm. With a strong team of 5 flooring engineers, this wasn’t a problem.

The condition of the sports hall Flooring was rather dire in the respect that there were scratches from years of activity and lots of wear on the top lacquer, giving a messy finish to the floor. This would be a total sports hall floor refurbishment transformation.

The material on this sports hall was junkers beech, these wooden sports halls clean up brilliantly. See our options for wooden sports hall flooring refurbishment. 

specification on this contact was a Total refurbishment. This means a sanding back of the top surface until the wooden sports flooring has been returned to a new condition. we would then apply primer to the sports hall floor, then once this has dried we will install our games lines on top. (All the usual) Finally, we will apply two/three coats of sports Lacquer to increase traction and protect the flooring.