Thinking of installing wooden floor in your sports hall or leisure centre? There are some things you should consider to ensure a smooth installation process. Wooden floors are extremely durable when installed properly, so it’s worth hiring a professional to complete the job for you. Keep reading to find out some of the things you should think about when installing wooden flooring. 

Choose your floor carefully

It’s important to choose the right floor to meet your sports hall’s needs. Wooden flooring is ideal for multi-sport use, making it perfect for leisure centres, schools and universities. At Courtship Flooring, our wooden sports flooring is the premium of all sports floor surfaces. You can choose from maple, beech or oak, and coat the floor in matte, silk or gloss sports lacquer, making it fairly customisable. It’s a classic, beautiful choice of flooring, and can be restored to a new condition time and again. As well as the floor itself, it’s important to consider the installation system. This will depend on your subfloor and your sports hall’s requirements. There are five installation methods for you to choose from.

Cradle System

This system is designed to increase the build height of the floor, simultaneously dealing with an uneven subfloor. This avoids screeding the subfloor to make it level, which can be a costly process. The cradle system uses 4 or 5 cradles per sports batten length and is laser levelled per row. 

Standard Sports Batten

The standard sports batten system is a quick solution for wooden sports floor installation. Unlike the cradle system, the subfloor must be level, as battens are laid directly onto the underfloor. The battens have different levels of rubber padding at their base, which can vary in thickness to accommodate slight differences in the subfloor’s level. The thickness will also impact the area elasticity of the floor.

Pad and Board

Pad and board is a great installation method for venues where a sprung build height cannot be accommodated. Sports grade underlay is placed directly onto the subfloor, with the wooden boards adhered to this underlay with flexible adhesive. This allows for flex movement and expansion.

Duo Batten System

This system is best suited for venues with underfloor heating or other pipe systems. The duo bat is more durable than the standard batten, giving more support to the boards. Again, this requires a very level subfloor as variations in height cannot be accommodated. This system takes longer to install than the previous methods, however, it’s worthwhile if you need space for underfloor heating systems. 

Sport Performance

Last but not least, we have the sport performance method. This is similar to the duo batten system, however, it uses a double bat instead of a single counter batten – giving the floor extra height. This counter batten can be swapped out for plywood, which is advisable for venues with bleachers or roll-out seating. It takes a long time to install but is extremely durable with a T&G ply subfloor.

Once you’ve chosen the style of your wooden flooring and the installation method, you can talk to a professional about installation. A professional can also help you decide which floor type to install to best suit your needs. Along with the floor itself, you’ll likely want to consider sports line-markings. At Courtship Flooring, we can install your required sports line-markings, as well as any logos you’d like to include. These line-markings can be updated over time to adhere to sporting regulations and accommodate new sports.

Maintain your wooden flooring

Sports hall floor maintenance is an extremely important factor in keeping your wooden floor in good condition. With constant use, the floor will face damage from oils, moisture, dust and debris. This is why you should introduce a regular, professional cleaning routine. We offer a free post-refurbishment visit 3-4 months after installation. On this visit, we will make sure you’re using a sufficient cleaning regime, with the correct products. We can also provide a demonstration for those responsible for cleaning the sports hall. 

Interested in installing a wooden floor with Courtship Flooring? Get in touch by giving us a call on 01823 674562. We also offer maintenance and refurbishment services for your sports hall floor.