Sports floors withstand high amounts of impact, stress and wear and tear on an almost daily basis. To ensure a sports floor remains effective and lasts for a long period of time, it is crucial to maintain and look after the material for optimum performance. As sports flooring specialists, we have rounded up our top tips for keeping your sports flooring in good condition.

1.   Introduce a sports floor maintenance program

It is strongly recommended to have a maintenance program in place that provides a deep clean on a regular basis. Dirt that resides on the surface of the flooring reduces the transaction that is provided by the lacquer which can then become hazardous. As the traction lessens there is an increased risk of potential injury and the health and safety of those performing sports on the flooring is imperative. At Courtship Flooring, we offer a  specialist maintenance service to keep your flooring in prime condition.

2.   Clean the sports floor daily

Considering that hygiene is paramount, keeping a sports floor clean by removing dirt and stains on a daily basis is crucial to keeping it in good condition. Sports floors naturally collect grease and sweat on the surface and this begins to contaminate the lacquer that is applied during installation. Small amounts of water will suffice, combined with approved cleaning materials and machinery.

3.   Complete repairs and recoating when necessary

In order for your flooring to perform at its optimum level and to keep members of staff, students and the general public safe upkeep should be undertaken as soon as it is required. Recoating is the more immediate solution out of the two; this replenishes complete traction, shields the base material and protects the line marking. Whereas repairs restore the flooring to its original quality, ensuring there is no existing damage.

4.   Use quality, industry standard cleaning products

In the interest of your sports flooring lasting for a long period of time and withstanding all of the elements thrown at it from day-to-day action, it is well worth investing in good quality cleaning products. As the provider of a sporting facility, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is a clean and safe environment for people to participate in physical activity. As part of our sports flooring specialist maintenance service we only use approved cleaning materials and machinery.

Keep your sports flooring in top condition with Courtship Flooring

As sports flooring specialists, we strive to deliver high standards in every service that we provide. We ensure that taking care of your sports floor is simple with the variety of solutions we have available, whether it be installation, refurbishment or maintenance. If you want to find out more about how to keep your sports surfaces in good condition or would like to take advantage of our maintenance services, get in touch with our team today.