So, let’s start with the basics of a squash court. A typical court has walls that are made of bricks or glass and they must be at least 32 feet long and 21 feet wide. The material used to construct a squash court can vary but is usually at least eight inches thick. Some courts have a mixture of several materials which are often called multi-purpose surfaces.

A squash court is a rectangular-shaped court with four walls. The front of the court is divided by a front line, while the back is divided by a half-court line. The back portion of the court has three boxes, including the service boxes. The back left and right side of the court is divided into smaller service boxes. When constructing a squash court, the height should be kept in mind. The optimum height for the game is 20 feet.

What is the best material for a squash courts?

Squash courts were once made of massive wooden planks. In the 1970s, maple and beech were commonly used and they were made using a machine so that they were very thick and near indestructible. Today, solid hardwood flooring is used for squash courts. Wooden flooring in squash courts is also important, because it needs to have a high grip. A squash court’s floor can be cleaned by using a soft, wet sponge and an abrasive pad but the pad should be applied to the floor with a light, abrasive motion.

When it comes to the flooring of a squash court, there are two main types. The first type is solid hardwood but there is another type, which is not as stable known as solid beech floor. When considering the material of the floor, it is best to go for solid hardwood. This type of floor is 22mm thick and made of solid beech. This type of flooring is stable which allows the player to move freely on the court. In addition, it offers the desired grip for the ball. This material is very sturdy and provides optimal grip for players. 

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There are many elements within a squash court that are vital for both safety and play. Slip-resistant flooring, clear lines, reflective surfaces and high-quality glass backs are just some of the features your facility should keep maintained. Ensure your courts stay in top condition for longer with our affordable maintenance packages!

Damaged or worn squash courts can be hugely expensive to replace. Our affordable packages ensure that maintenance is carried out on a regular basis, preventing bigger problems down the line. Keeping your court in top playing condition. Typically, our maintenance packages include the painting of the playing surface, minor plastering, court furniture, sanding and lining of the floors, court lines and glass back overhaul. We can create tailored packages bespoke to your budget and requirements, so speak to our team today to find out more!