After having your sports hall flooring refurbished, it is important to stay up to date with maintenance tasks to avoid unnecessary damage. This maintenance means your floor will last longer without additional restoration services, reducing the overall cost of maintenance.

What kind of refurbishment does Courtship Flooring offer?

Courtship Flooring specialises in the refurbishment of many different types of flooring. Sports hall maintenance and refurbishment are essential for the majority of schools, universities and sports centres. To ensure the safety and performance of your sports hall floor, you should look out for signs of wear over time. If the floor loses friction or its lines are fading, it may become unsafe for its users. It may also fail to adhere to current sporting regulations. We work on many different types of sports hall flooring, including:

  • Wooden Sports Hall Flooring. This type of flooring can be restored through a floor sanding process. This will completely strip back the existing wood to reveal a brand new surface. Once the floor has been sanded, a primer and new floor markings can be added to complete the floor.

  • Vinyl Sports Hall Flooring. This flooring isn’t refurbished in the same way as wooden flooring. A new vinyl overcoat can be applied in any colour and finish before applying a topcoat and new line-markings.

  • Lino Sports Hall Flooring. Lino sports flooring cannot be refurbished in a way that will produce a brand new surface. However, we can deep-clean, abrade, re-line and lacquer it to improve the friction levels and cosmetic look. 

What is a post-refurbishment visit?

After you’ve had your sports hall flooring refurbished, we recommend a post-refurbishment visit around 3 to 4 months after the refurbishment. When you choose refurbishment with Courtship Flooring, we offer a free, no-obligation post-refurbishment visit as part of your contract. We find this to be beneficial for the client, as we can check that those responsible for cleaning and day-to-day maintenance are doing so correctly to maintain the floor as best as they can. 

Over the years, we have noticed that a lot of the sports hall flooring refurbishment we undertake is a result of poor maintenance. This poor maintenance results in reduced traction, as well as affect the cosmetic look of the floor. Reduced traction is a safety concern as it can result in slipping and injury. 

As well as checking the maintenance methods, the post-refurbishment visit can assess the cleaning materials being used. We can tell you whether the right cleaning products are being used, as well as the correct concentration. Unsure about what the correct cleaning products are? We can arrange a free demonstration for those who will be responsible for cleaning the sports hall flooring. 

Overall, the post-refurbishment visit helps to understand how well your sports hall flooring is being taken care of. This visit can prepare you for future maintenance, increasing the lifespan of the flooring before another refurbishment is needed.

How can you maintain your sports hall flooring?

We highly recommend understanding how to maintain your sports hall flooring correctly to avoid unnecessary refurbishments. Some tips to increase the lifespan of your flooring include:

  1. Introduce a maintenance programme. An inconsistent maintenance routine can lead to the build-up of dirt, negatively impacting the surface of your sports hall floor. By introducing a maintenance programme, you can be sure that your floor is getting the attention it needs.

  2. Implement daily cleaning. We recommend cleaning your flooring once a day. The build-up of dirt and grease occurs daily, so it is best to remove this dirt every day after use.

  3. Complete repairs as soon as faults arise. If you notice any cracks or damage in your flooring, it is a good idea to have this repaired as quickly as possible. This reduces the risk of the damage becoming worse, which could result in higher repair costs.

  4. Use industry-standard cleaning products. It is essential to use quality products when cleaning your gym flooring to ensure it is being cleaned effectively. We only use approved cleaning products. Again, we can arrange a free demonstration of these products.

If you stick to these tips, your sports flooring will last longer without any need for refurbishments. If you need any help implementing these maintenance tips or need to have your sports hall flooring refurbished, feel free to get in touch with our team. Give us a call on 01823 674562 or visit our contact page