It’s important for sports hall flooring to be maintained and refurbished accordingly, but you might be wondering how often the flooring should be refurbished, and what the refurbishment process might look like. 

What types of sports hall flooring can be refurbished?

All types of sports hall flooring can be refurbished – this includes wooden, vinyl, lino, and granwood sports flooring. Here at Courtship Flooring, we offer a Sports Hall Floor Refurbishment service – which is essential for universities, schools, and leisure centres. 

Different types of flooring can be installed depending on the utilisation of the sports hall – for example, a school floor might need higher durability and weight tolerance, whereas a leisure centre might need flooring specifically designed for a particular sport. Regardless of the utilisation and material, all sports hall flooring must be maintained and refurbished professionally. 


How do you know when sports hall flooring needs refurbishment?

Over time, your flooring will become worn and need replacement or refurbishment. One of the clearest signs that your your flooring needs maintenance is if the lines have become faded over the years – it is important that these lines are clear to maintain sporting regulations. The lines becoming worn is also a sign that the floor itself may be losing its friction, which is a safety hazard which could result in serious injury if not dealt with properly. Refurbishment is a more cost-effective solution if you do not have the budget to replace the flooring. 

Your flooring may be safe and up to regulations, but you might still want to update your flooring for various reasons. For example, you might want to change the overall aesthetics of your sports hall flooring, or improve usage for a particular sport – e.g. improved ball bounce for sports such as basketball and tennis. 


Why does my flooring need to be maintained?

A sports hall flooring refurbishment is the perfect way to update your sports hall’s look, as well as improving performance. It doesn’t matter what type of sports flooring you have. You’ll be able to find a sports flooring which meets your needs and specifications. The process of refurbishment takes less time than a brand new installation, saving time and money.

Sports hall floor refurbishment is extremely important when considering performance and safety. Your flooring will face wear and tear over the years, causing lines to fade and the surface to lose its friction. Many sporting events have specifications and requirements for the sports hall flooring. It’s especially important to maintain your flooring if this is something you need to consider. 

If your floor is properly maintained, it is likely to last many years. You should always choose a professional refurbishment company to undertake this process. This is something we specialise in here at Courtship Flooring. If your sports hall flooring is in need of refurbishment, we can help you understand your options. 

As well as any necessary refurbishments, we recommend that a regular cleaning service is taken out on the sports hall flooring. Greases and sweat contribute to the reduction of traction and protection created by any lacquer you may have. 


How can it be refurbished?

Different types of sports hall flooring have different refurbishment processes. We’ll be looking at the four most common types of sports hall flooring and how they can be refurbished. Wooden flooring is a classic type of sports hall flooring, and can be refurbished through a sanding process. The timber is completely stripped back using industrial strength machines. Then primer is applied, and any line work. This process produces a practically brand new floor without the need for complete replacement. 

Vinyl sports flooring can be over-coated multiple times, using coloured elastic lacquers. This process is fully customisable, regardless of your current flooring. You can choose any colour and finish, before line work is added. 

Lino sports flooring is quite a durable product. Its downfall is that it cannot be refurbished in the same way as other forms of flooring. Lino flooring can be deep cleaned, relined, and lacquered – this won’t produce a brand new look to the flooring, however, is effective for standard maintenance. 

Granwood sports flooring can be restored in a similar way to regular wooden flooring. These floors will be sanded, relined and lacquered to restore the flooring to its original standard. There is also an option to apply a modified PU coating to the flooring. This is different to regular wooden flooring as lacquers and PU coatings can be applied in any colour. This make them a more customisable option.

Do you have any questions about sports hall floor restoration? Would you like to enquire about any of our services? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!