Wooden sports Flooring

Wooden sports flooring

Top surface timber Comes in 4 different sports finishes and 3 different sport grades

Wooden Sports flooring is the premium of all sports flooring surfaces. The only Fiba one accredited indoor sports flooring type. Wooden sports flooring comes in maple, beech or oak in varying thicknesses. Sports often played on wooden floors are basketball and netball. All our systems comply to Sport England requirements and exceed BSEN14904 and German DIN 18032 for Sport Surfaces.

 Wooden sports floors whilst being arguably the most beautiful of sports flooring types, it isn’t the most durable and is solely meant for sports use/ not multi activity. It can however be sanded back to a brand new condition, install line markings and re coat with sports lacquer in matt/silk/gloss.



Cradle system

This cradle system is not only designed to increase the build height of the floor but also to deal an un level subfloor, a great option as opposed to screeding an entire sports venue. There are 4/5 cradles per sports batten length and are laser levelled every row that goes down.

70-140mm build height 

un level sub floor control

Area elastic qualities  


Standard sports batten

A quick solution sports batten, designed for easy application & installation. Giving great area elasticity & a sprung sports hall floor. Sub floor must be levell. instalation with this batten system is very quick. The sport battens have different levels of rubber padding on the bottom, varying 3/4/5 times over a length of batten depending on subfloor and Sports venue requirments.

needs level subfloor 

71-83mm build height 

quick instalation


Pad and Board

This low build option is designed for arenas where a sprung build height cannot be accomidated. The boards are given sufficient backing with sports grade underlay and adhered to each other with flexible adhesive to allow flex movement and expansion. This system is not area elastic but point elastic. 

Low build height allowance

30mm build height


Duo batten system

This system is designed for when a venue has underfloor heating and the pipes must run a certain way up the hall. The duo bat also is a more durable system compared to stamdard batten systems. The system takes longer to install and requires a very level sub floor. 

underfloor heating capable

durable system for weight loading

75mm build height



Sport performance

This system is very similair to the last however has a double bat instead of a single counter batten. This gives the system extra height. The counter batten can be swapped out for T&G plywood, this would be advisable for when a venue has bleachers or seating. Takes a long time to install. 

extra height to the duo batten

Extra durability if T&G ply subfloor is installed

good sports performance 


Gym and Sports Flooring Core Services

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Sports hall flooring is a specialised service, Whether your Sports Hall needs a new sprung floor, refurbishment of an older existing floor and/or maintenance to keep it looking fresh and traction levels safe then we are your company.

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