Sports floor refurbishment is one of the main services we offer at Courtship Flooring. It is an essential part of maintenance for all sports halls in schools, leisure centres and universities. Keep reading to find out how wooden sports flooring can be refurbished!

What is wooden sports hall flooring?

Wooden flooring is a classic choice for many sports halls. As one of the more premium options, it can be quite expensive to install, depending on the installation method and species of wood. Wooden flooring isn’t as durable as other flooring options as it isn’t intended for multi-activity use. Despite this, you could have it sanded back to a brand new condition time and again. 

Depending on the space the wooden flooring is being installed in, the method will be different. This is dependent on the subfloor and the usage requirements of the floor. This versatility is a great reason to choose wooden flooring for your sports hall. 

Cradle System

This is designed to raise the height of the floor, creating space between the wood and the subfloor. This is also a good way to deal with an uneven subfloor. Cradles and battens are used to hold the wooden flooring up, laser-levelled at every row to ensure the floor is completely flat.

Standard Sports Batten

This is similar to the cradle system, however, cradles aren’t used to lift the battens. The battens rest directly on the subfloor, therefore, it must be level prior to installation. Rubber padding is attached to the bottom of the battens, with varying thicknesses depending on the sports hall requirements. This is the quickest and easiest installation method.

Pad and Board

This is a low-build option, ideal for spaces where a raised floor is not achievable. A layer of sports-grade underlay is placed directly onto the subfloor, before adhering to the wooden boards. This will allow flexible movement and expansion.

Duo Batten System

This system is used to accommodate spaces that require underfloor heating. The duo batten system is more durable than other systems, taking longer to install. More staves of supportive wood are used underneath the wooden flooring, allowing pipes to run underneath in any direction.

Sport Performance

This is similar to the duo batten system, however, it utilises a double batten instead of a single batten. This raises the floor up higher, allowing for more flexibility and support. For venues with seating, this system is advised. Of all of the installation methods, the sports performance installation will take the longest.

How should your sports hall floor be maintained?

It’s incredibly important to keep your sports hall floor maintained. This will keep your sports hall safe and protected, making it last longer and avoiding unnecessary injuries. Some of the things you can do to correctly maintain your sports hall floor include:

  • Regularly clean your sports hall to remove dirt and debris
  • Professional cleaning products
  • Safety measures/rules to avoid damage

A poorly maintained sports floor could lead to damage and potential injury to its users. Dirt and debris can damage the surface of the floor, affecting its slip resistance. Regular cleaning with the correct products is the most effective way to keep your sports floor in good condition for longer. 

What is sports floor refurbishment?

Over time, sports halls become damaged and worn after years of use. At this point, it is advisable to consider having your wooden floor restored. The method used to complete this is wooden floor sanding. Floor sanding is a process used to strip back the floor’s surface, smoothing out any imperfections in the wood. This also removes any sports line-markings and varnish previously placed on the wood. 

Refurbishment is a great opportunity for you to update your sports hall’s line-markings and overall appearance. Line markings can be specifically chosen depending on the individual needs of the sports hall. For example, particular sports can be accommodated for, as well as any logos being painted on. Once the line markings have been repainted, the floor can be sealed using a varnish. This could be matte or glossy, depending on your personal preference.

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